Office (406) 798-3355
Mick (406) 489-0172
Chad (406) 489-1762

2019 GDAR Sale will be broadcast live on the internet. to Watch the Sale to Buy on the Internet
Call Superior: (800) 422-2117

Turn in Bids over the Phone

This is our traditional method of buying livestock. To get started simply go online to and click on the tab titled Register for a Buyer Number. Select the registration form for Superior Productions and print the registration form, fill it out and fax it in to Superior Productions at (817) 378-3380 with a signature on it. You can also mail it in to the address provided on the form. Upon receipt of this information Superior will call you with a buyer's number and the bid line phone number that you will use on sale day to place bids over the phone.

Click To Bid

This is our online bidding platform where you are able to turn in bids by "clicking" on the internet. Please note that high speed internet is required - this is not for dial-up or satellite internet. Registration is free, but you must become a member of to sign up. Becoming a member is easy - just go to the homepage of and follow the out-lined steps to get started. Input your information and select a username and password. You will receive an e-mail confirming you are a member. From that point forward you just have to sign in and select the sale you would like to register for and once approved by the ranch you will receive an e-mail confirming which sale you are now registered for. You will then be able to bid over a traditional computer or a tablet (but not a smart phone).

Viewing the Auction

The sale will be broadcast live on the internet at and - just go to the home page and select the auction. If you wish to turn in bids over the phone the simplest way to watch the auction is from the homepage of - you can even watch the auction on your smart phone or tablet from there. Remember, you can call in to bid over the phone when watching on the internet if you have registered for that service, but you must be a member of to "click-to-bid" online

Bidders who are successful in making purchases will be contacted by GDAR after the sale to settle payment and make shipping arrangements.

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Mick Denowh
34750 County Rd 127
Sidney, MT 59270
H (406) 798-3355
C (406) 489-0172
F (406) 798-7732

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Paul Denowh
12637 HWY 16
Sidney, MT 59270
H (406) 798-3375
C (406) 480-2761

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Chad Denowh
34751 County Rd 127
Sidney, MT 59270
H (406) 798-3541
C (406) 489-1762